The Standards: Domain 4:

Facilitating Improvements in Instruction and Student Learning

The teacher leader possesses a deep understanding of teaching and learning, and models an attitude of continuous learning and reflective practice for colleagues. The teacher leader works collaboratively with fellow teachers to constantly improve instructional practices.


The teacher leader:

a) Facilitates the collection, analysis, and use of classroom- and school-based data to identify opportunities to improve curriculum, instruction, assessment, school organization, and school culture;
b) Engages in reflective dialog with colleagues based on observation of instruction, student work, and assessment data and helps make connections to research-based effective practices;

c) Supports colleagues’ individual and collective reflection and professional growth by serving in roles such as mentor, coach, and content facilitator;

d) Serves as a team leader to harness the skills, expertise, and knowledge of colleagues to address curricular expectations and student learning needs;

e) Uses knowledge of existing and emerging technologies to guide colleagues in helping students skillfully and appropriately navigate the universe of knowledge available on the
Internet, use social media to promote collaborative learning, and connect with people and resources around the globe; and

f) Promotes instructional strategies that address issues of diversity and equity in the classroom and ensures that individual student learning needs remain the central focus of instruction.

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