Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium

The initial group expanded to form the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium. The Consortium is made up of a variety of education stakeholders, including union representatives, teachers, school administrators, policy organizations, and leaders in higher education.

Affiliation Name
American Federation of Teachers Rosalind LaRocque
American Institutes for Research Molly Lasagna
Arkansas Department of Education Beverly Williams
Bayonne Public Schools Deborah Shine
Bethel College Allen Jantz
Brandeis University Vivian Troen
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Cheryl Hickey
Center for Teaching Quality Barnett Berry
  Ann Byrd**
Council of Chief State School Officers Lois Adams-Rodgers
  Mary Canole
  Kathleen Paliokas
Dolphin Terrace Elementary School Dana Boyd*
Ysleta Independent School District, Texas Kristen Navarro
Edgar Allan Poe Middle School,
San Antonio Independent School District, Texas
 Kimberly Ash
Education Commission of the States Barbara Thompson
Educational Testing Service Katherine Bassett*
  Gregory Vafis
Fairfax County School District, Virginia Leslie Butz
  Jack Dale
Georgia Professional Standards Commission Kelly Henson
Harvard Graduate School of Education Katherine Boles
Kansas State Department of Education Pamela Coleman
Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board Robert Brown
  Phillip Rogers
Learning Forward/National Staff Development Council Joellen Killion
Malverne School District, New York Steven Gilhuley
  Marguerite Izzo*
Montclair State University Ada Beth Cutler
National Association of Elementary School Principals Carol Riley
National Education Association Linda Davin
  Segun Eubanks
New Jersey Department of Education Eileen Aviss-Spedding 
  Christopher Campisano
  Victoria Duff
Ohio Department of Education Marilyn Troyer
Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission Keith Menk
Princeton University Anne Catena
State of Tennessee Board of Education David Sevier
Temple University Heidi Ramirez
The Danielson Group Charlotte Danielson
University of Phoenix Meredith Curley
Vernon Township High School, New Jersey Peggy Stewart* **
Virginia Commonwealth University Terry Knecht Dozier ** ***
Walla Walla School District, Washington Anne Swant**
Washington Professional Educator Standards Board Esther Baker
  Joseph Koski
West Virginia Department of Education Nathan Estel
  Karen Huffman
Writer/Consultant for Teacher Leadership
Exploratory Consortium
Catherine Fisk Natale

  * State Teacher of the Year
** National Board Certified Teacher
*** National Teacher of the Year